Canada’s Indigenous to Meet Pope Francis amid Demand for Apology Hadmin Atheist Republic

Read More Atheist Republic Rome, Italy – Amidst escalating call for the Roman Catholic Church for an apology, the current pontiff has agreed to meet with representatives from Canada’s indigenous people. Pope Francis is expected to meet the delegation of representatives in Rome. The meetings are scheduled from December 17 to 20, with the Pope meeting the representatives individually at first. The Pope is expected to convene a meeting with all the representatives of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuits by December 20, 2021.
The Pope is set to meet not just any representatives from the indigenous people of Canada. Pope Francis will be meeting with delegates composed of the indigenous survivors of the notorious residential schools in Canada. The delegation will also include Elders/Knowledge Keepers, Indigenous leaders, youth, and bishops. 
Pope Francis will meet with the Canadian delegate amidst the increasing pressure from Canadians calling for a papal apology for the role played by the Catholic church during the heyday of the infamous residential schools. With hundreds of unmarked graves identified and more being discovered, the Catholic Church’s pressure to issue an apology has ever been increasing. Human remains are being found near areas where residential schools are located or used to exist. With more unmarked graves being discovered with the use of ground-penetrating radar.
The announcement for the Pope’s meeting came after a June 10 statement from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. The bishops, in their account, acknowledged the increasing call for an apology from the Catholic church, stating that they want to “engage wholeheartedly with the past” and have promised “meaningful active steps together with Indigenous Peoples.” 
In an Angelus Message made on June 6, 2021, Pope Francis claimed that he is close with the Canadian people and that he is sorrowful upon hearing of the “discovery of the remains of two hundred and fifteen children… In British Columbia.” In the same message, admitting that these children died in the Canadian residential schools run by the Catholic church.
In 2008, the Canadian government and the United churches, Presbyterian and Anglican churches in Canada issued a formal apology. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops did not mention any apology from the Pope during the meeting. Still, it said that the Pope is “deeply committed to hearing directly “from the delegates. (REALLY?)
Both the retired Pope, Benedict XVI, and the current Pope have expressed sorrow for what happened. Both did not issue an apology—the Canadian bishops stating that the popes cannot apologize personally for the residential schools.
Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has recommended an official papal apology from the Catholic church.