Taliban Takeover: Kabul Removes Images of Women From Storefront Displays P-admin Atheist Republic

Read More Atheist Republic On August 15, 2021, Afghanistan’s capital fell to the Taliban. As the city falls, the country’s president abandoned the presidential palace, joining Afghans’ exodus scrambling to leave the country. Heavily armed Taliban fighters started setting checkpoints and occupying the government district. Ultimately, the Taliban entered the presidential palace.
Yesterday Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, made headlines by claiming that they respect women’s rights. But today this is the reality in Kabul: first they erased photographs of women then they’ll remove women from public sphere. Iran have experienced these lies 42 years ago. pic.twitter.com/UfubfDZ6UQ
— Masih Alinejad (@AlinejadMasih) August 18, 2021
Before taking Kabul, the Taliban occupied the cities that surrounded the capital. They were not planning to take the city by force because they didn’t have to.
As Taliban control looms over Kabul, the city removes the symbols of their freedom. Western influences, the symbols of women’s empowerment, were the first to go. Photographs of workers covering the faces of women in front of salons and beauty parlors began circulating. Other photos show women tearing wall-sized pictures of beautiful, empowered, free women, all symbols of women-empowerment that defies Islamic laws.
Islamic laws that the residents of Kabul knew, at least to those who had no choice but to stay, that will descend upon them.
One of the photos also shows a woman taking down an advertisement banner, depicting a woman not wearing a burqa. Another photograph shows a man using a paint-roller to cover an image of a woman. Two decades ago, in a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, women were things. No rights, no freedom, no identity. They had to stay inside; venturing outside requires male approval and escort. Even then, they had to carry their prison with them, the burka.
The Taliban is doing its best to convince Afghans, especially the educated generation who grew up bathing in the freedom paid for by western countries, that they’ve changed. The Taliban promises that the rights of women will be respected. At least that’s what they claim for now.
The mysterious spokesperson of the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, stepped out of hiding delivering the message of the new regime. Mujahid declared that the Taliban would uphold women’s rights “within the norms of Islamic law.” Mujahid did not clarify what he meant with his statement.
Nobody is convinced. The international organizations and western governments are doubtful of the Taliban’s promise.