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Read More Atheist Republic On Wednesday, November 17, the Federal Council of Sweden announced that same-sex couples can now get married starting July 1, 2022. Sweden’s Federal Council will also officially recognize same-sex couples married from another country, starting January next year.
Sweden currently only recognizes these same-sex marriages from other countries as civil partnerships.
The announcement came after the September referendum that witnessed the last effort of conservative politicians to oppose same-sex marriage. The referendum was a sweeping success for LGBTQ rights movements towards gaining equal rights in marriage with same-sex couples.
Same-sex couples have had the right to be married in Sweden since 2007. However, the legislation from more than a decade ago only grants the same tax status and only counts as registered partnerships. It also provided limited rights for the adoption of children and the use of sperm donors.
In December 2020, the Swedish lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage and simplify gender recognition procedures for transgender individuals. Aside from granting absolute marriage rights to same-sex couples, the law also allows equal access to sperm-donors for lesbian couples and equal adoption access.
However, Sweden’s parliament allows 100 days for opposing parties to collect at least 50,000 signatures to trigger a referendum. Conservative politicians quickly rallied their resources and were able to set off a referendum. Pink Cross, a gay advocacy group in Sweden, conducted preliminary surveys and found that 80% of Swiss supports same-sex marriage and are confident that the law will be enacted.
With a 52% voter turnout, an overwhelming 62% of the Swiss voters supported the Marriage-for-All law, making Sweden the 30th country to adopt same-sex marriage as equal to cisgender marriages. Sweden is also the last progressive country in northern Europe to provide equal marriage rights to same-sex couples legally.
After the Federal Council’s announcement, months of administrative and legislative procedures will follow, causing delays in enacting the new law. Supporters acknowledge and are patiently waiting.
The council also announced that applications for same-sex marriage can be submitted before July 2022.
Maria von Kaenel, co-president of the Marriage-for-All campaign, said they are delighted with the outcome of the vote. “We have been fighting for marriage equality for 30 years, and the referendum result was a historic moment,” Kaenel added.