Rhyme, reason and numerology: All the ones,Steve Donnelly,The Skeptic

This article originally appeared in The Skeptic, Volume 18, Issue 4, from 2005.

For two or three years at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s I had an experience that got closer to driving me into paranormal modes of thought than anything else that’s ever happened to me. It was in the early days of digital clocks — they had been around for a few years by then but the analogue clock-face was only beginning to be challenged by the digital display and I also had my first digital watch at round about this time.

Over a period of a few months I became increasingly aware that when I looked at a digital clock or watch, the display was frequently showing either 11:11 or 1:11. This began to freak me out a little bit and I remember on some occasions, as I began to raise my arm to consult my watch, deliberately resisting the impulse and waiting for a minute or two — only to find that the watch nonetheless indicated 11:11.

Now I know that memory tends to embellish good stories as time goes on but I am pretty certain that, on average, I would see this preponderance of ones at least 10 times a week. Allowing for 8-hours sleep a night and assuming that I did not drop off before 1:12 am, there were 28 minutes when a digital clock would be exhibiting one of these two configurations out of the 6720 minutes during which I was awake in a week. Assuming that I consulted a (digital) clock or watch 20 times a day (surely an exaggeration) then this gives 140 consultations a week.

Putting these numbers together, yields the conclusion that I might have expected to see an all-ones display on average once every 12 weeks or so. Now this reasoning does not allow for the fact that one might be more likely to want to know the time close to lunchtime and bedtime and this would affect the calculation of probabilities somewhat but would be unlikely to affect the result by more than a factor of two or so — reducing the period between seeing 1111 displays to about six weeks.

And, indeed, this seems to agree with my experiences nowadays. But back in 1980, this was happening more than once a day and, having gone through this type of calculation, I was very perplexed. I don’t (and didn’t then) have any great tendency to believe that the cosmos was sending me coded messages but if, during this period, I had discovered that I was booked to fly with American Airlines from Boston to Los Angeles (flight AA11) on 11th November (with take-off delayed until 11:11), I really suspect that I might have been unwilling to get on the plane.

I eventually reasoned that this was actually a complicated psychological phenomenon revolving around the fact that clock/watch displays are frequently in our peripheral vision and we are not consciously aware of them; however, when this 1111 phenomenon had become firmly established in my mind, every time I became subconsciously aware of an all-ones display it crossed the boundary into my conscious mind and I registered it. Eventually, I guess I accepted this type of explanation and was thus less perturbed by the phenomenon until little-by-little it faded out so that by the mid-1980s it completely stopped occurring.

Had the web been around in 1980, however, I would not have accepted such an unlikely, sceptical, explanation and would have realised that I was experiencing a worldwide (cosmos-wide?) phenomenon. In reality:

the symbol of 11:11 was pre-encoded into our cellular memory banks long ago… It was placed into us, seared into our very fibers and DNA of our beings, as part of our preparations prior to beginning our cycles of incarnations upon the Earth… now with the dissemination of this information, the 11:11 is finally being activated

And, apparently:

11:11 is a wake-up call for lightworkers. Lightworkers are people who signed up for a ‘green beret’ type of mission when they were on the spirit plane (before being incarnated on Earth). What the mission is, in short, is to hold as much Light as possible, as strongly as possible, on this planet. This twenty-year period (starting on January 11, 1991) will see matter holding more light than it has ever held before. The vibration on this planet has dropped to a very, very low frequency. That is why it is so difficult to remember our origin, remember that we are all connected, remember who we really are. This is often referred to as the Fall. This mission is very important and very difficult.

To find more than you every wanted to know about this cosmically important phenomenon, just type “11:11” into Google.

Difficult it may be but if, after having had your awareness raised by this article, you start seeing 1111s everywhere please do your utmost to hold strongly on to reasonable quantities of Light in order to make a serious effort to increase our planet’s frequency.

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From the archives, Steve Donnelly explains that while you might think it’s just a coincidence that you notice when the time is 11:11, some think it’s a sign of something more significant.
The post Rhyme, reason and numerology: All the ones appeared first on The Skeptic.

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