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Location: India/Russia 
A self-proclaimed member of the Islamic State has been arrested in Russia for planning a terrorist attack in India. The Russian Federal Security Service released information regarding the would-be attacker’s plan to kill a leader of India’s ruling government in a suicide bombing. The attack was planned as retaliation for the “insults” aimed at the Prophet Muhammad by the now ex-BJP spokesperson, Nupur Sharma. In a statement released by Russian state-run media, “Russia’s FSB identified and detained a member of the Islamic State international terrorist organization banned in Russia, a native of a country in the Central Asian region, who planned to commit a terrorist act by blowing himself up against one of the representatives of the ruling circles of India.” It is claimed that it was a conspiracy to kill a high-ranking member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Russia’s investigation agency has also added that to execute the terror plan, the accused had been trained in Istanbul, Turkey, by ISIS recruiters. In the video, the accused, identified as “Azamov,” stated, “In India, I was to be met and given all the necessary things to commit an act of terrorism at the behest of the Islamic State for insulting Prophet Muhammad.” A probe was started by the Indian officials investigating the case as they await formal evidence from Russia. 
Islamic Extremists Chop Off Hand of Ex-Muslim Christian Convert
Location: Uganda
Islamic extremists attacked a man from Maumo village in the Luuka District of Uganda on July 26. Forty-two-year-old Musa John Kasadah, a father of six, converted to Christianity in an outdoor service on June 17. His wife and children also converted in the ceremony, and the family began attending church. After the third week of neglecting to turn up for his former mosque’s Friday prayers, Kasadah’s brother sent Musa’s new pastor a threatening message. “It has come to our attention that Musa Kasadah and the family are attending your church. This should stop immediately. Otherwise, your church is at risk,” the message read. The pastor took the threat seriously and arranged for the family to seek refuge with a local official. On July 26, the family’s whereabouts were discovered. Musa and his family were already traveling to a new safehouse when four extremists caught up to them. “They started beating my husband and then got hold of me and tied me up. They forced me to sing Christian songs as they began chopping off my husband’s hand,” Musa’s wife, Asiya Naigaga, stated. The family was saved by a group of sugarcane workers who happened to be passing by in a truck. As of the writing of this article, no charges have been filed.
“Cleansing Society:” Iran’s Insidious New Emboldened Forced Hijab Policy
Location: Iran
Continuing the harsh crackdown on women, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Headquarters for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has released a 119-page document outlining the “unhinged” new rules women must now observe. Titled Hijab and Chastity Project, its most important goal is “cleansing society of the pollution caused by nonconformance with Islamic dress codes.” The order also aims to “build a model of an Islamic society in regard to chastity.” The document requires medical staff to provide “appropriate garments” to female patients undergoing surgery, fines individuals found importing “vulgar” dresses, and imposes mandatory prison sentences of up to two years for simply posting content against hijab online. It even proposes surveillance cameras to document women in improper hijab and send them “cultural packages” to their homes along with fines. The document also says that the driver’s licenses of private citizens may be suspended and their cars impounded if their activities are found to be deepening anti-regime sentiment. Government workers are also told to deny service to women in “improper” hijab. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; each aspect of the new policy has dozens of stipulations that must be strictly followed, spelling out an insidious and cruel future for the Iranian people. 
Saudi Muslim Community Outraged by Women in Niqab Singing
Location: Saudi Arabia 
On August 15, Saudi actor Abdullah Al-Sadhan posted a video on Twitter of a woman wearing a full-face veil singing and conveyed his unwavering support for her performance. The video of a Niqab-clad woman singing went viral and caused outrage in Saudi Arabia. The actor commended the woman in his tweet for her voice and wrote, “I just want to say that may Allah protect you. Finding a job and earning money for sustenance is difficult. Keep going with your beautiful voice regardless of what others think about you.” However, some from religious Saudi Muslim communities did not appreciate her endeavor, as singing is considered “haram,” and such performances by women are contrary to traditional and religious norms. One user questioned why she wore the Niqab while singing and performing, “Why does she wear the Niqab if she’s started down this path? If she took it off, it would be better than offending it.” Many from the Islamic faith believe that listening to music or singing is considered forbidden as it is viewed as a corrupting influence.
Texas School District Bans the Bible
Location: Texas, United States
In a plot twist, amidst an ongoing nationwide moral panic and book-banning spree, it looks like the Bible itself is now up on the chopping block in the Keller Independent School District (KISD) in the US state of Texas. A formal assessment conducted by Pen America between July 2021-March 2022 pointed out that 86 school districts out of 26 states had banned certain books. Most of the books that were forbidden had themes of sexuality and racism. The KISD ordered 41 books to be reviewed under a new policy. A graphic novel adaptation of Anne Frank’s Diary, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, and the Bible were some of the titles pulled off the shelf ahead of the review. These books, among others, are being “challenged” and have been ordered to be pulled from the shelves while they are under review to see if they comply with new policies. According to a district spokesperson, the Bible was added to the list after a parent questioned the Christian scripture. According to the parent, the Bible had “Inappropriate content including sexual content, violence including rape, murder, human sacrifice, misogyny, homophobia, discrimination, and other inappropriate content.” First challenged in November 2021, the person withdrew their complaint a month later. The Christian holy book was also targeted in February by two additional complainants. One of them stated that the Bible “is a map to slavery, incest, sex between donkey and women, misogyny, murder, pedophilia, you name it, it’s in there.” The other saying, “Religion doesn’t belong in public schools. This book also describes multiple acts of sexuality and violence.” In a statement, the school district said, “All of the books included in Tuesday’s email have been included on Keller ISD’s Book Challenge list over the past year. Books that meet the new guidelines will be returned to the libraries as soon as it is confirmed they comply with the new policy.”
Texas Law Requires Public Schools to Display In God We Trust Donated Signs
Location: Texas, United States
Alarm is quickly growing over a recent push to force religious displays in Texas public schools. Senate Bill 797 requires Texas public schools to display donated “In God We Trust” posters. The law was signed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott in June 2021 and went into effect the following September but did not get much attention because most school districts were not practicing in-person classes due to the pandemic. The law is very specific, requiring that public schools and colleges only display “donated” signs or “purchased from private donations” in a “conspicuous place.” Texas-based cell phone company, Patriot Mobile, which donates a portion of customers’ phone bills to conservative Christian causes, donated several “In God We Trust” signs. “We are honored to be part of bringing God back into our public schools!” the company exclaimed in a Facebook Post. Secular activist Chaz Stevens is fighting back creatively; he plans on donating posters to schools around the state – in Arabic. This cleverly plays on the fact that God in Arabic translates to “Allah,” which may make Christian conservatives realize the consequences of their actions. As far as he can tell, there is no “English only” requirement in the law. His Gofundme page says they will design, print, deliver, and donate 500+ posters in various languages, including Hindi, “Gay Pride” (meaning rainbow), Spanish, Vulcan, Klingon, and others. Stevens says that if the campuses refuse to display his donations, he will file a lawsuit and use the court case to challenge the statute. 
Indian Politician Openly Brags About Getting Muslims Killed
Location: India 
A former legislator of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been caught on camera gloating over the deaths of at least five Muslims who were reportedly lynched for alleged cow slaughter/smuggling in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. Former Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Gyan Dev Ahuja was paying a visit to the house of a Hindu vegetable vendor, Chiranjilal Saini, who was recently lynched by a group of 20-25 Muslims on August 15 for allegedly stealing a tractor. In their conversation, Ahuja brought up several past mob lynchings of Muslims and spoke about the intentional killing of five people. Ahuja said that he had given complete freedom to his party’s “activists” to kill anyone involved in cow smuggling or slaughter. Ahuja also reassures them that legal protection will be provided to those who carry out these attacks. “We have killed five of them so far, be it in Lalwandi, be it Behror … I have given a free hand to the workers, kill those *** behind cow slaughter,” said Ahuja in the video that went viral. “We will get you acquitted. We will get you out on bail too.” On Monday, August 22nd, Ahuja was interrogated by the Rajasthan Police for the charges of promoting religious hatred and enmity.
“Abuse to the Prophet;” India Ruling Party Lawmaker Arrested for “Insults”
Location: India
A member of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was arrested on August 23rd and charged with “habitually delivering provocative and inflammatory speeches.” Thakur Raja Singh, a Member of the Telangana Legislative Assembly (MLA) since 2014, was arrested as thousands of Muslims went into the streets to protest one of his speeches against the Prophet Muhammad. Two weeks before Singh’s arrest, the MLA threatened to burn down the venue of Munawar Faruqui’s show in Hyderabad. Faruqui is a Muslim comedian accused of making fun of Hindu gods. Singh posted a video on social media threatening to beat Faruqui and throw him out of Telangana. “None can stop us – this is a challenge,” Singh declared. Earlier this year, Faruqui was arrested and charged with blasphemy, despite a lack of evidence. Not content with his threats to Faruqui, Singh released another video with “derogatory” comments against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Singh was arrested but was released the same day. Singh explained that his video was targeted solely at Faruqui and was not targeted at any religious community. But the BJP is not taking chances on Singh’s charged statements. Before his arrest, Prime Minister Modi’s party suspended Singh over his “insults.”
Sharia Blasphemy Law Upheld as Constitutional by Nigerian Court
Location: Nigeria 
On August 17th, a Nigerian federal appeals court ruled that Islamic Shariah (law) does not violate the country’s secular constitution in a two-to-one decision. It was also decided that Shariah courts have jurisdiction over blasphemy cases. Shariah courts can impose a death sentence on convicted blasphemers. The appeal was filed in the case of 22-year-old Yahaya Aminu Sharif, an Islamic gospel musician, who was accused of blasphemy in March of 2020. While Sharif went into hiding during the backlash, protesters burned down his family’s home. He was soon arrested, and in August 2020, he was sentenced to death by hanging. The High Court in Kano ordered the Shariah court to commence with a retrial, citing Sharif’s lack of legal representation. Sharif’s lawyer then filed an appeal to be tried in a secular court and to challenge the constitutionality of the blasphemy law. Judge Abubakar Muazu Lamido said the recent challenge was “more out of sentiment” and not backed by law, agreeing to a retrial but keeping the case in Shariah court. Kano State Attorney General and Justice Commissioner Musa Abdullahi Lawan called the decision a “victory for Kano [a state in Nigeria that enforces Shariah] citizens.”

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