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Read More Atheist Republic Texas Megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress supports Christian Nationalism and calls out to conservative Christians to “impose their values on society.”

If voting for candidates who embrace biblical values is “Christian Nationalism,” count me in! Read more: https://t.co/dumBb3ME2u
— Dr. Robert Jeffress (@robertjeffress) October 30, 2022
In a recent interview with Tim Clinton, the host of Real America’s Voice last weekend, Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor at the 14,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas, addressed the rising concern about the nationalist movement among Christians. He had previously denied any allegations against him being a “Christian Nationalist.”
The 66-year-old pastor said that loving their country and voting in elections is all good for Christians, but they must put God above everything else.
“We always put our love for God above everything, even allegiance to our country,” the pastor said about the conservative Christians. “But that’s not what they’re really talking about. Listen carefully. They say they are opposed to people who say America was founded as a Christian nation, Americans who believe not only in the spiritual heritage of our nation but believe that we ought to use elections to help return our country to its Christian foundation. If that’s Christian nationalism, count me in.” Jeffress laughs. “Because that’s what we have to do.”

America was originally founded as a Christian nation.Join #FirstDallas tomorrow for my special message, “America Is A Christian Nation.” https://t.co/sGMSsrgNbM pic.twitter.com/YLIX2soiZq
— Dr. Robert Jeffress (@robertjeffress) July 2, 2022
“And what’s so hypocritical about this, Tim,” the pastor continues, “is the Left don’t mind at all imposing their values on our country through the election process. They don’t mind forcing their pro-abortion, pro-transgender, pro-open borders policy upon our nation. But they object when conservative Christians try to impose their values on society at large. It’s complete hypocrisy.”
Jeffress adds that this strategy is “an attempt to try to intimidate Christians from participating in elections,” which will have a tremendously adverse effect.
Christian nationalism is the ideology that America should be an explicitly Christian nation and that there should not be a separation of church and state.
The pastor says that to “engage in the culture,” the Christians must vote. When the pastor was questioned about the issues that Christians and pastors face before the midterm elections, he answered that it is almost the same things that even atheists are worried about, such as inflation, high-interest rates, crime, and border control.
The transgender movement is the motivator for Christians to participate in the elections, with abortion being the key Jeffress thinks, “Christians are sick and tired of having this godless agenda crammed down the throats not just of Americans but especially our children.” The pastor predicts the poll results next week will mainly be the “result of this transgenderism that is poisoning our country.”
Jeffress comments that President Biden is “clueless when it comes to the Bible.” when he was questioned about world turmoil and fears of Armageddon, he answered that that event would raise the curtains of Jesus’s return which Christians look forward to.
“18 Minutes with Jesus” is a new book by Jeffress, which is not about any near-death experience but a scenario that explores what an 18-minute ted-talk with Jesus would be like. He realized there already is a collection of sayings attributed to Jesus with the name “Sermon on the Mount,” which can be read in 18 minutes. This contains instructions about the “things we care about,” including our sexual preferences, prayer life, possessions, eternal destiny, and even why we should vote, said Jeffress.

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