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With 2022 over and 2023 in its early days, many of us are looking forward nervously, wondering what this new year may bring. So, curious creature that I am, I attended a psychic seminar, which brought together the disciplines of astrology and tarot reading, to see what events we can expect to see in the coming months.

The event was put on by Consciousness Café, and featured Jessica Adams, a professional astrologer whose predictions have featured in tabloid newspapers and fashion magazines. In 2019, Adams told UK newspaper The Metro that, despite having been an astrologer for decades, she has only been wrong once – when she predicted Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election in 2016. Wrong once in and entire career? It’s an impressive claim! Although a quick look at some of her previous predictions indicates that she’s wrong about that, having predicted that there will be no vaccine for COVID-19 and that Italy would leave the EU in 2021. But hey, no one is perfect. 

So, along with over 500 others, I paid my £11 entrance fee and tuned in to find out what Adams had to say about the next few months. It’s fair to say that she had some big claims.

The structure of society will change.

Adams predicts the end of the 7-day week, and the end of working 9-5, 5 days a week is coming in 2023-24. This is because Pluto, which represents power, is about to go into Aquarius, which represents people. Not only will the old ways change, but women will rise up and lead the way. Adams mentioned that Pluto hasn’t been in Aquarius in 248 years, so we are going to see upheaval the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1774-75, which you history buffs may have already noticed was the period of the American revolutionary wars. 

Adams predicts that trade unions will increase in number and power, and we can expect more strikes. These predictions can surely only be made by one who can read the future in the stars! Or by anyone who follows the news and has even a vague idea of what tends to happen when worker’s wages don’t keep pace with the cost of living and is aware that many of the strikes of the last few months haven’t resulted in workers and employers and/or the government coming to an agreement. 

Charles will not be King…even though he already is.

Another of Adams’ bold claims is that Charles will not be King… even though he literally already is. Her reason for this prediction? In 1949 when Charles was one, Charles Carter – editor of Astrologist Quarterly at the Astrological Lodge of London – predicted that Charles will become king through abdication, or he will abdicate. Apparently, the sun is in opposition to Neptune in Charles’s chart, which means… something.

Adams draws on another historical prediction, this time from the observer magazine March 13th 1966, where Mr John G Williamson of the Metaphysical Research Group and the editor of Prediction Magazine and Mr Lewis Ackerman of Fate Magazine all agree: Prince Charles will never ascend the throne.

Adams is confident Charles will not be King, because, as mentioned before, Pluto is about to get all up in Aquarius, heralding an age that’s all about the people, not the old system. Her other reason for being so confident that Charles will not be coronated is that when Charles was being declared King, lots of stuff was in retrograde. The key time for all this upheaval, especially around the monarchy, is March 23 to June 23, so mark your diaries, something is going to happen at some point in that three-month period.

But it is not just the royal family that will see great upheaval in 2023, it’s the House of Lords too, as the old way of life comes to an end. This system where a small number of people at the top have all the money and all the power? That’s coming to an end in 2023, all because, you guessed it, Pluto is in Aquarius. 

While Adams had much to say about King Charles never ascending to the throne that he is already on, only brief mention was made of the reason Charles can be king in the first place – the death of Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022. This is something that did not appear in Adams’ list of predictions for 2022. The death of the UK’s longest reigning monarch, and the only one anyone living can remember, does seem a significant omission. However Adams had an explanation for this: she informed the audience that astrology shouldn’t or couldn’t be used to predict death. Adams did not explain how these tools can be used to predict that Charles won’t be crowned as planned, without also predicting the prerequisite death.

Rise in female power – Kamala Harris to be next president

Pluto going into Aquarius did a lot of heavy lifting in this session – apparently this alignment is very important because… reasons. Adams told us that line up tends to lead to an increase in women power. She feels that this means that Kamala Harris will be the next president of the USA.

Crypto and Covid

Adams predicts a new one world cryptocurrency is coming, and it will gain popularity around March to June 2023. Although I’m not entirely sure why – probably something to do with Pluto and Aquarius maybe? 

On the subject of Covid, Adams warns that the worst is still to come! And it won’t be until 2026 that we start to see a real improvement. We’ve got to just learn to live with it… “like AIDS”. It all depends on the constellation of Aquarius. Aquarius is the only constellation that sends out UVC light, and that kills covid. While there is evidence that UV light can be used as an environmental disinfectant, it’s efficiency is proportional to the power of the source of UV light, and inversely proportion to the distance between the source and the target area and while the brightest star in Aquarius is pretty big, it’s also approximately 520 light years away from us, which is pretty far. 

Victory for Ukraine

A big chunk of the session was dedicated to pulling out tarot cards for each astrological sign and telling us all what they mean for the year ahead, so I’m not going to cover that because, frankly, it was vague, boring and repetitive. However, there were two moments of note: firstly, Adams presented the sun card and announced the card was Ukraine, and that other psychics in the audience may have already picked up that this card is Ukraine. That’s because, she explained, it is Ukraine’s colours: blue and yellow (if you ignore the orange flag and white horse). She also drew our attention to the sunflowers on the card – the symbol of Ukraine. But, again, she ignored the naked child or cherub on a white horse, which was also on the card. She then said that she believed Ukraine will win the war in 2023, because the card said so, I guess.

Those who did not have their own tarot deck in front of them were encouraged to pull their own card using a virtual 12 card deck on Adams’ website. Sadly, hundreds of viewers all simultaneously shuffling these virtual cards appeared to be too much for the site, and many complained that it completely crashed and failed to provide them with their own personal peek into the future. It was not clear how the powers of planets were so easily thwarted. 

In conclusion, I’d like to add one prediction of my own (perhaps this psychic stuff is contagious): over the next 12 months, Skeptics will continue to be faced with pseudoscience, woo and general nonsense, and unless you become The Hermit, you will encounter The Fool.

So, pick up your sword – or Occam’s razor – and keep your cup filled with compassion as you continue to encounter others with dubious opinions and beliefs, because, unfortunately, there is no wand for spreading reason. 

With thanks to Emma McClure, for her additional contributions to this article.

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To get a sense of what’s in store for 2023, The Skeptic’s fearless reporters attended a prediction show by astrologer Jessica Adams, who (falsely) claims she has only ever been wrong once
The post An astrological look ahead to 2023, with Jessica Adams and the Consciousness Café appeared first on The Skeptic.

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