Saudi Muslim Community Outraged by Women in Niqab Singing Atheist Republic Atheist Republic

Read More Atheist Republic On August 15, Saudi actor Abdullah Al-Sadhan posted a video on Twitter of a woman wearing a full-face veil singing and conveyed his unwavering support for her performance. The video of a Niqab-clad woman singing went viral on social media platforms which caused massive outrage in Saudi Arabia.
The actor commended the woman in his tweet for her voice and wrote, “I just want to say that may Allah protect you. Finding a job and earning money for sustenance is difficult. Keep going with your beautiful voice regardless of what others think about you.”
However, some from religious Saudi Muslim communities did not appreciate her endeavor, as singing is considered haram, and such performances by women are akin to traditional and religious taboos. This sparked a flurry of negative comments against her.
One Twitter user wrote, “O Lord, may you open for her a door to a livelihood other than singing,”
While another user wrote, “I say fear Allah. A halal [religiously permissible] livelihood is what is rich and joyful.”
And a third user questioned why she wore the Niqab while singing and performing. “Why does she wear the Niqab if she’s started down this path? If she took it off, it would be better than offending it.”
Although the woman in the Niqab received harsh criticism, she also gained the support of many users who praised the woman for her artistry and her vocal skills.
Head of the arts section of Al-Riyadh newspaper, Abdel Rahman Al-Naser, commented in a tweet, “She is an artist; her voice is as wonderful as much as her performance is marvelous.”
He added that the Niqab could not mask her talent from spreading. He is assured of her conviction in adorning the Niqab and her talent. He also noted that the video is rather old and has been widely publicized in the last few years.
A user wrote, “Well done – may God bless her. She is beautiful, and her voice is wonderful,”. He also noted that the most important thing to her is her commitment to the hijab, praying that God may protect her and make her life more sustainable.
The actor, Al-Sadhan, after receiving adverse reactions from the people attracted to his post, retaliated by sharing a satirical video saying, “This is my response to everyone who objects to the previous tweet.”
Many of the Islamic faith believe that listening to music or singing is considered haram, a corruptive influence. In some Islamic countries, musicians have to live in fear. Since the Taliban came into power in Afghanistan, many musicians and singers have been selectively targeted.