Mob of 200 Storms Mosque in Indian Village, Thrashes Worshippers Inside P-admin Atheist Republic

Read More Atheist Republic On October 12, Muslims were offering the Isha prayer (night prayer) at a mosque in Gurugram, a suburban city of Delhi, India, when hundreds of Hindus forced their way in.

Last night, while offering Isha prayer at #BhuraKala village in #Gurgaon, #Haryana, #Hindutva group members from the same village attacked the worshipers inside the #Masjid while offering #Namaz, later they also attacked women outside the Masjid. In which 4-5 people were injured.
— Hate Detector (@HateDetectors) October 13, 2022
According to Subedar Nazar Mohammad, a retired Army officer who registered the complaint, the trouble began earlier in the day when about 200 people surrounded the mosque. Some people entered the prayer hall and started threatening to expel the Muslims from the village.
When evening came, the mob returned. This time they assaulted people, including women, elders, and the Imaam, and ransacked the mosque. Witnesses said that the Hindus locked the door while threatening them, and some had guns.
One of the worshippers told reporters that there are just four Muslim families in the entire village, and they are harassed daily.

The Muslims say that repair work had been going on in the mosque, and there were rumors that they planned on expanding.
By the time the police arrived, the mob had fled. Senior police officer Gajender Singh said an FIR was filed, and they are investigating. Police presence in the area has been increased to keep the peace.
The night after the attack, The Hindu newsroom said that it was told village elders had apologized to the Muslims and said this kind of incident would not be repeated. The Muslims decided to let the matter drop and put the compromise in writing for the police department.
Anti-Muslim sentiment and violence have risen in India since the BJP gained an absolute majority in 2014. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, Muslims are disproportionately victims of communal violence and discriminated against in employment, education, and politics.