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Read More Atheist Republic A Muslim man has been beaten to death, and a Hindu woman committed suicide as shock and tension spread in the Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh.
Another interfaith relationship meets a tragic end as a Hindu woman ends her life after receiving the news that her partner was bludgeoned to death on November 2nd in a village of Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district.

Tragic! Hindu girl hangs self hours after kin ‘beat’ Muslim beau to death in #Saharanpur Both of them were BSc students#Meerut @timesofindia
— TOIWestUP (@TOIWestUP) November 3, 2022
The details are pretty unclear, and the story has different interpretations. One of the reports shows that both victims were in a marital relationship, and a mob beat the man. While another report said that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and the man got beaten because the woman’s family opposed the inter-faith relationship.
The victims were Zia-ur-Rehman, age 20, and Tanu Saini, age19. The distance between their houses is 400 meters. Both victims were BSc students from the Islampur locality of Rampur Maniharan region in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district. In 10 hours, both young lives were lost.
After Zia was brutally beaten, he was taken to the district hospital. As his condition worsened, he was shifted to another hospital in Dehradun, where he succumbed to his injuries on November 2nd. After learning about Zia’s untimely and horrifying death, Tanu allegedly committed suicide.
What happened that Tuesday night is still shrouded in mystery as there are different reports on the event that followed.
According to the Superintendent of Police (Dehat), Suraj Rai, around midnight on November 1st, Zia entered the house of Tanu’s family. Accusing the man of molesting their daughter, the family members beat Zia and handed him unconscious to the police.
However, Tanu’s brother has said that Zia was assaulted by a mob of six students who thought the man was a thief. “He was spotted entering our house on CCTV by around six students studying in a library adjacent to our house. It was they who barged into our house and beat him up, thinking he was a thief. We, in fact, saved him and informed the police,” he said.
According to Zia’s family members, there were wounds on the victim’s stomach, legs, and hands.
“The girl’s family called my son to their house on Tuesday. They brutally thrashed him and left him outside the house. After someone informed us, we rushed to the spot and saw him lying on the ground. We took him to a hospital, from where he was referred to a higher center in Dehradun, where he died,” said Zia’s father, Mohammed Ayub, who runs a grocery store.
Superintendent of Police (City) Abhimanyu Manglik had said that when Mohammed was filing a First Information Report (FIR) against Tanu’s family at Rampur Maniharan police station, four names were on the list: “Her father Janeshwar (52), his elder brother Maneshwar (55), and two cousins, Priyanshu (22) and Shivam Saini (20).”
Tanu’s body was found hanging at around 11 A.M. on November 2nd. Her mother, Sunesh Devi, claimed that the youth killed herself out of shock when she learned about Zia’s death. “She went to her room, saying she was going to change her clothes, and minutes later, her elder sister found her hanging with a dupatta from the ceiling. The women constables brought her body down,” Devi added.
As both families filed FIRs against each other, the police haven’t arrested anyone yet.
As soon as the news spread, local stores were closed, fearing religious riots. Senior Superintendent of Police Vipin Tada has met with both families and assured them, “Police force has been deployed. The probe is on, and action will be taken accordingly.”